Joetta’s “P” Principles for Success


Our book was an exercise in me taking a look at what my personal process is when faced with an uncomfortable situation or wanting to do and be more. The book kind of forces the reader to look at the “P’s” in a simplistic informative way. I loved the book. ~Simone Bellamy

“This book is a must read for everyone. My daughter has created a sensible and powerful guide to overcoming obstacles as you pursue your success..” ~Dr. Joe Clark

“I actually could see myself in your book and some things I could stand to work on. It was cool that I could relate to the track and field stories..” ~Kelia

“..your book is forcing me to think about my life now, my purpose now. Thank you for writing and publishing this book.” ~Kelia

“Right away, the first chapter grabs your attention. It encourages the reader to read on and read more… Overall, the book will encourage young and old readers alike. There are lots of valuable lessons there for everyone.” ~Joan