About Us


Eliminate Excuses™ transforms lives through education and empowerment. Whether an Executive, a Child, or an Entrepreneur we can help you maximize your potential and increase productivity. The program will help you transform your life, exceed expectations and obtain your goals.

This program has two key focus areas. The first is a one day seminar, which focuses on the corporate sector. The second is a program designed for Schools, Universities, Businesses, and Organizations. Outcomes of both programs include higher tests scores, grades, leadership skills, increased confidence, improved self-esteem, and job productivity.

The Eliminate Excuses™ program was inspired by Clark Diggs’ first hand experience as an Olympian, Champion and Business Women. Through out her life, Clark Diggs observed individuals who were not maximizing their skill sets and accomplishing their goals. This program will give participants the tools that are necessary for success. Our program employs the 5 P’s from Clark Diggs acclaimed book Joetta’s “P” Principles for Success. The “P’s” inspire you to analyze, organize, initiate and follow through on your goals.