Our Story


Eliminate Excuses™ is a new program that fosters immediate change and increases expectations. For over 30 years Clark Diggs has helped improve the lives of many people while unleashing their true potential. This extraordinary curriculum is designed to help you develop your skills, compete and succeed at a very high level.

Clark Diggs inspires others to understand the importance of hard work, focus and discipline. Throughout her Olympic experiences she realized that success in sports and business mirror one another. Subsequently, she developed the Eliminate Excuses™ Program to help others remove barriers on the path to greatness. All of the programs exist to inspire individuals to pursue their goals enthusiastically while keeping a positive and healthy lifestyle. Eliminate Excuses™ strives to create determined, passionate, enthusiastic, and motivated schools and corporations through a focus on the 5 P’s – purpose, prepare, patience, perturbed, and perseverance.

Clark Diggs mentors others to establish academic excellence and personal goals which ultimately enhance problem-solving skills and self-expression. The Eliminate Excuses™ Program is dedicated to developing skill-sets that will enable people to live happier and healthier lives.