Program Info


Eliminate Excuses™ is an empowerment program that promotes fitness, academic excellence, and raises self-esteem. All participants will receive the Eliminate Excuses™ starter kit which includes a water bottle, t-shirt, and planner/study guide on the 5 P’s.

The program keeps the individual focused and accountable for their goals and future inspirations. Whether an executive, a child, or an entrepreneur we can help you maximize your potential. “We teach people to be the champions of their own lives. By giving them the confidence to boldly chase their dreams. Sports can help develop the skill sets needed for that to happen. It’s about believing in yourself and knowing that we believe in you” said Joetta Clark Diggs. It is all about being well rounded in body and mind because a strong mind and strong body equals a strong future. Through Clark Diggs’ mentorship and customized study guide the individual will learn how to eliminate any excuse that are hindering their progress.