Leadership Conferences/ Conventions

  • To develop important leadership skills to transform you or your business.


  • Our curriculum encourages students to work as collaborative learners, to interpret information, understand thoughts and findings and utilize the information in everyday life.

Head 2 Toe Fitness ®

  • Our most popular program is dedicated to helping children and their families embrace fitness, Nutrition and Life Skills. Our programs are conducted for schools, corporations, recreation/ community programs, etc. Our goal is to encourage our youth to create the daily physical, mental, life habits that will stay with them forever.

JCD Fitness Challenge ©

  • The mission of the challenge is:
    • To promote physical activity through sports.
    • To promote good study habits by incorporating an event for which the students can prepare by studying.
    • To encourage teamwork and camaraderie, as well as group pride.
    • To emphasize the importance of everyone getting active and doing their very best to help the team.

Financial & Fitness Expo

  • It is designed for anyone who wants to take control of their lives and learn more about healthy living resources in their area. This Expo provides participants with the opportunity to receive free health screenings, engage in fitness and nutrition workshops and learn more about healthy life decisions for both their financial and physical fitness.